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Trading Psychology Hack

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Instructor: Trader Hitesh Nanwani

Language: HINDI

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Trading is more than clicking on buy and sell buttons for a few hours. Psychology plays huge role in your success because your mind and emotions can get in the way of your profitability.

Impulsiveness, aggression, revenge trading, and other behaviors are the obstacles in every traders life and these can be overcome by only experience. Thats why trading psychology is the hardest part to develop because it takes realtime experience. 

So here i am Hitesh Nanwani introducing the course to resolve all your trading psychology problems with my years of experience. 

This course is going to change your trading mindset completely. This course is not just a theoretical part but it is a complete journey of my trading experience through which you can build your trading career successfully.


  • Trading & Trading Psychology
  • How to overcome emotions and mistakes in your trading.
  • How to become fearless Trader.
  • How to avoid Overtrading and Revenge Trading.
  • Psychology of Price Movements & Technical analysis.
  • Develop a winning attitude and Learn to think like the 1% 
  • Complete rule based trading with proven strategy including an entry and exit methodology.
  • Complete Trading framework.
  • Developing trading edge with A+ setups.
  • Mastering Trading execution.
  • Live Option Trading Recorded Sessions with all logics and psychological behind entry exits and trades.
  • Psychology behind my 1000% returns in option buying. 
  • Maintaining Risk Management with rules and discipline.


The main objective of this course is to make you understand the real psychology of trading. And minimize your trading mistakes. Once you survive in this market, you are going to earn alot. And this course will make you self capable and independent analyst with proper mindset with my Trading Psychology Hacks.

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